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Current Students

Once enrolled at an ERAU Worldwide campus, you must report certain changes and request authorization from ISS to maintain student immigration status.

Change of Education Level

If you received admission to a new degree program at ERAU and need a new I-20.

I-20 Reprint

If your Form I-20 has been lost, stolen, or damaged.

Program Extension

If you will not complete your academic program by the program end date stated on your Form I-20, you must apply for an extension in advance. Note: only medical or academic are acceptable reasons per immigration regulations.

Reduced Course Load

If you need to drop below full-time enrollment. Note: only medical or academic are acceptable reasons per immigration regulations.‚Äč


Students holding an F-1 visa are required to maintain legal status at all times by: enrolling on full-time basis; keeping a valid passport at all times while in the United States; avoiding unauthorized employment; and making normal academic progress toward their degree/certificate.

Students who fail to maintain their F-1 status may be able apply for reinstatement of their status with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  ERAU will evaluate the circumstances in which the student fell out of status and only those that are able to prove that the circumstances were beyond the student's control will be considered for the reinstatement process. Students who have been out of status for more than five (5) months will not be eligible for reinstatement.

Transfer to another Worldwide campus or university

ERAU F-1 students who have made a commitment to attend another institution must complete the transfer process with ISS before the end of their 60-day grace period.

Travel Signature

To request a travel signature complete the process by clicking the button below.