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Current Students

Once enrolled at ERAU Prescott, AZ, you must report certain changes and request authorization from CIPS to maintain student immigration status.

​Change of Address

All F-1 international students are required to submit a change of address form to the US Department of Homeland Security within 10 days of a residential move within the US.  This includes a move between rooms or buildings within on-campus housing.  CIPS is willing to submit that form for you to the US Department of Homeland security but requires you to report your change of address in ERNIE through your student center homepage.

Change of Degree Program

Students must meet with their academic advisor in order to change a degree program, catalog, area of concentration or add/drop a minor.  When the change is approved we will contact you to update your I-20.  To begin the process, schedule a meeting with your academic advisor and download this form to take with you to your meeting.

Change of Education Level

If you received admission to a new degree program at ERAU you will need a new I-20 reflecting the change of level, click on the link below to start the process.


Dependent Visa Process

Apply here to add your F-2 or J-2 dependent.
I-20/DS-2019 Reprint
If your Form I-20 or DS-2019 has been lost, stolen, or damaged.

Program Extension

If you will not complete your academic program by the program end date stated on your Form I-20 or DS-2019, you must apply for an extension in advance. Note: only medical or academic are acceptable reasons per immigration regulations.

Reduced Course Load

If you need to drop below full-time enrollment. Note: only medical or academic are acceptable reasons per immigration regulations.​


A student whose attendance at Embry-Riddle was interrupted is required to apply for re-admission. You are considered a returning student if you have enrolled at another institution without prior written approval, have completed more than 18 semester hours at another institution, fail to enroll in at least one Embry-Riddle course in any two calendar years, or have been suspended from the University. To be re-admitted, you must file a readmission application which can be downloaded from the button below.


Students holding an F-1 visa are required to maintain legal status at all times by: enrolling on full-time basis; keeping a valid passport at all times while in the United States; avoiding unauthorized employment; and making normal academic progress toward their degree/certificate.

Students who fail to maintain their F-1 status may be able apply for reinstatement of their status with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  ERAU will evaluate the circumstances in which the student fell out of status and only those that are able to prove that the circumstances were beyond the student's control will be considered for the reinstatement process. Students who have been out of status for more than five (5) months will not be eligible for reinstatement.

Review and complete all of the steps below:

Step 1:  Write and upload a personal statement essay addressing international student & scholar services staff and explaining why you should be considered for reinstatement and how your circumstances have changed. This essay should be at least 250 words and be in a clear format.

Step 2:  Fully complete form I-539 adding the phrase "Reinstatement to F-1 status" in Part 2, Item 1,  ensure that you have signed the form before uploading it at the button below.

Step 3.  Upload a letter written from you to USCIS explaining your situation, explaining that the violation resulted from circumstances beyond your control, and requesting that you be reinstated.

Step 4.  Download and complete the Affidavit of Financial Support-Daytona Beach 

Step 5.  Upload the completed financial affidavit of support and any financial supporting documents in order to support the issuance of a new I-20 for reinstatement

Step 6.  Download your Form I-94 Record, then upload it below

Step 7.  Upload copies of all I-20s previously issued 

Step 8. Upload copies of identity pages from your passport and visa

Step 9. Upload copies of transcripts from all the schools you have attended in the United States

Step 10.  Upload any other documentation that might help establish the nature of the violation; to document that the violation occurred less than 5 months ago, and that the student is pursuing or intending to pursue a full course of study.
Once you have uploaded all of the documents from Step 1-10 then complete the following additional steps:
  • Additional Step 1:  Email the Office of International Student & Scholar Services to request an appointment to complete the reinstatement process
  • Additional Step 2:  When attending your appointment with the Office of International Student & Scholar Services bring a check or money order made out to "US Department of Homeland Security" for the amount posted on the following website.  Ensure you fill out the check or money order for the amount of the Form I-539 "New Fee" and not the "Old Fee" 
NOTE: If the violation of status resulted from an error on the part of the Office of International Student & Scholar Services a letter of support and explanation will be added to your application before it is sent to USCIS. 

Transfer to another university

If you plan to transfer to another U.S. institution


Travel Signature

To request a travel signature complete the process by clicking the button below.


Travel-based Frequently Asked Questions
Students may travel during any university breaks. This includes winter break, summer, fall break, spring break, recognized holidays, etc.
The answer depends on the reason for the travel and the length of time that you will be traveling. 
If your travel is planned for vacation or a leisure activity and if you will only be gone for the weekend, then you will likely be able to travel.  However, if your vacation will have you out of class for several days, then you will likely be unable to travel, as SEVP does not allow us to authorize travel while school is in session.
If the travel is as a part of an academic conference, research, or other academic endeavor, you will be asked to provide a letter from the faculty or staff sponsor of the trip before travel can be approved.
   Yes, but you must obtain a travel signature from International Student & Scholar Services.
We know that emergencies can occur, and we will do everything we can to assist you in your time of need. However, the length of time you plan to leave the country and how long you will be out of class will affect your status. You will need to discuss this emergency with the staff in the Office of International Student & Scholar Services. For instance, if the emergency will have you out of classes for longer than a few days, the Office of Immigration Services is obligated to terminate your I-20. This termination will be coded as an authorized early withdrawal.
Once you are terminated for authorized leave, as long as you do not stay outside the U.S. for more than five months, you will not need a new I-20. The current I-20 will be reactivated.
USCIS will determine what types of information will be required to reactivate your I-20. Items that they may ask for could include return flight information, proof of registration, etc. Once we know what type of information they will request, we will know what information you will need to provide to the Office of Immigration Services.
Yes, as long as you maintain full-time registration at ERAU, and you get the travel signature.

Leave of Absence from the University

If you need to leave the university for a period of time and will be withdrawing from all classes at ERAU, be sure to speak to an international student adviser at the ISSS Office in CIPS and complete the following.