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New Students

Initial I-20

Congratulations on choosing ERAU-Prescott, Arizona as your next educational step!  This page will serve as a guide to help you navigate the new international student process.

Apply for I-20‚Äč
Now that you are admitted to Embry-Riddle Prescott, the next step is to get your I-20.

The I-20 is a document that allows you to apply for an F-1 student visa at a U.S. embassy.  Canadian citizens do not need to apply for a student visa and can enter the U.S. with their I-20 and SEVIS fee.  You qualify for an I-20 after you have been admitted to a full-time program and can show that you have adequate funding for your studies.

To get your I-20, click on the link below.

Change of Status

Complete the following steps for applying for Change of Status:

Step 1:  Write and upload a personal statement essay addressed to USCIS which explains why you want to change your status to F-1. Note: A strong letter can help convince USCIS of the student's temporary intent as well as persuade USCIS that the student does not have the pre-conceived intention to become a student in the United States.

Step 2:  Fully complete form I-539 ensure that you have signed and dated the form before uploading it at the button below.

Step 3.  Upload Proof of payment of the SEVIS I-901 Fee, payment should be made at the following website.

Step 4.  Upload financial documents in order to support the issuance of a new I-20 for change of status

Step 5.  Download your Form I-94 Record and attach using the document button below

Step 6. Upload copies of bio and visa page from your passport
Once you have uploaded all of the documents from Step 1-8 then complete the following additional steps:
  • Additional Step 1:  Email the Center for International Programs and Services to request an appointment for assistance and advising of change of status 
  • Additional Step 2:  When attending your appointment bring a check or money order made out to "US Department of Homeland Security" for the amount posted on the following website.  Ensure you fill out the check or money order for the amount of the Form I-539 "New Fee" and not the "Old Fee"